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    Review of CRY NO MORE by Linda Howard

    Ballantine, April 2004

    Milla Edge's infant son was wrestled from her arms in a Mexican marketplace and spirited away, but not before Milla maimed her attacker. She has spent ten years tirelessly searching for her child, whom she believes was sold on the black market. She heads a group called Finders, which searches for missing persons. She is very good at finding others' children, but has had almost no success finding her own.

    She receives an anonymous tip that she should find a man named Diaz, that he knows something. It turns out Diaz is not involved with the kidnappers, but he is hunting them, too. They have moved on to murder and illegal organ smuggling. Milla must join forces with the dark, frightening Diaz, but with his help she discovers the ones responsible for the loss of her child might be closer than she thinks ...

    It's not an original plot, nor a very believable one. The plot moves with pondering slowness at times, and the villains were ridiculously easy to spot. But Milla is a wonderful character, very human, very believable, with strenghts and weaknesses. And one thing Ms. Howard excels at in all of her books is the sexual tension and the actual love scenes. In most books I skim the love scenes, but not hers. She manages to make them fresh and interesting.

    Though this was a book of suspense, the bad guys are rounded up early, and the last 20 percent of the story is devoted to Milla's emotional turmoil over the fate of her child and finishing off the romantic plot. Those last pages kept me riveted as no amount of chases and gun fights did earlier. Linda Howard fans won't be disappointed

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    Two Stars

    Reviewed 8/14/04

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