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    Review of CATCH THE MOON by Diana Dempsey (see her website)

    Signet, August 2003

    When a popular gubernatorial candidate is murdered, it's the juiciest case in Monterey County history, and it falls right into Alicia Maldonado's lap. The hardworking deputy district attorney sees it as the perfect vehicle to launch her into public office. Unfortunately, her slimy and incompetent boss, DA Kip Penrose, commandeers the case and the limelight. He needs the visibility to win votes for his upcoming reelection, and a conviction is a slam-dunk--the murderer practically left his calling card.

    Alicia is relegated to a fact gatherer, someone who feeds the DA sound bites so he'll look good. She's resigned to her fate--until she begins to suspect that the case isn't so cut-and-dried after all, and the murderer might be the victim's own wife. Penrose, however, sweeps under the carpet any evidence he doesn't like. The wife's family is his biggest campaign supporter. And when Alicia won't shut up, Penrose sabotages her entire career in a way that promises she will never be elected to any public office.

    Add to this injustice a charming network TV reporter trying to use Alicia for his own ends, and a host of over-ambitious characters who will manipulate any situation to further their aims, and Alicia is in heaps of trouble.

    As in her first novel, FALLING STAR, Diana Dempsey creates realistic and memorable characters, complete with flaws, that you can really root for; then she puts them into trouble so terrible you can't figure out how they'll ever triumph. The author immerses the reader in a well-researched world of money and power, ambition and greed, and surprise plot twists. This is an author to watch.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/30/04

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