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    Review of BY THE BOOK by Nancy Warren (see her website)

    Harlequin Blaze #85, May 2003

    When she sees her sexy neighbor has bought a book on pleasing women--for morons, Shari Wilson decides to abandon all her fantasies about him. Sure he's good looking but, as her best friend reminds her, the good looking ones are the ones who never bothered to learn to please a woman in the first place. Still, when he asks her to help him work through the chapters, she's tempted. Especially since she desparately needs a hot date for her ex-friend's wedding--the friend who stole her college boyfriend and broke her heart.

    Luke Lawson would normally be pleased to see the copy of the book he wrote--but when Shari sees it, she assumes the worst. Luke's pride is hurt that anyone would think he'd need a book like that but he decides on an experiment. Since Shari thinks he's a loser, if he follows the book and it works, it would prove that the book is worth the paper it's printed on. Even going to a wedding is not too high a price. They agree to stop at Chapter 4--just kissing--but by the time they get there, Luke wants to sail on to the advanced chapters--and Shari is pushing him for more.

    Author Nancy Warren creates the sexy situation that is the key to the Blaze line and introduces a generous dollop of humor to make it go down. Following the book lets Luke and Shari take their time and get to know each other--as well as engage in hot and protracted foreplay. It's a clever gimmick. I thought that the black moment was a bit superficial, but other than that, the entire book is a guilty pleasure.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/10/04

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