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    Review of BREAKFAST AT STEPHANIE'S by Sue Margolis

    Delta, June 2004

    Stephanie Glassman is a single mom barely squeaking by, looking for her big break as a singer. She is undeniably talented, yet she's spending another Christmas season playing the piano at a department store. She is also, of course, without a boyfriend. Now her son's nanny is going into the hospital and she's about to lose her house. She has the requisite complement of girlfriend pals, a set of nutty parents and a granny who's having more sex than Stephanie.

    But abruptly Stephanie's luck turns. A huge agent takes her on as a client and gets her a high-paying (if slightly shady) job recording songs for a big star who can't sing. A hunky actor is romantically pursuing her. And her son's father, a charming Italian stuntman, comes back into her life wanting desperately to be a father, to form a family. It's almost too good to be true. But with good fortune come difficult decisions.

    While Stephanie was a thoroughly lovable heroine, this book moved far too slowly for my taste. It felt like the first three quarters of the book was set-up, and only in the last part, when scandals break and conflicts come to a head and the wrong decisions are made, does the story really become a page turner. I was never thoroughly convinced of the love between Stephanie and Frank, the actor. He wasn't well fleshed-out, and I was sort of rooting for the stuntman, who was adorable. The book is worth a read for British chick-lit fans, though, and those who enjoy a leisurely pace and good, descriptive writing.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 8/29/04

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