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    Review of BREAKFAST AT BETHANY'S by Kathleen O'Reilly (see her website)


    Harlequin Temptation # 975, May 2004

    The bachelorette pact has broken down pretty quickly and Beth (Bethany) Von Meeter is feeling a bit pissed and a lot lonely. Lonely enough, in fact, to try Internet dating. The first few dates are complete flops, but then Spencer (Spence) James turns up. He's good looking, has a sense of humor, is single, and even has his hair. There is just one problem keeping Spence from being Mr. Right--he'd rather be Mr. Write. He's a reporter writing an article on the hopeless dating situation and wants Beth to be his star example. One thing he's completely up-front about--he's done the married thing and never wants to go that route again. The only problem is, Beth wants marriage--and she wants Spence.

    Spence's article gives Beth plenty of excuses to see him and she knows that she's getting to him, at least on a physical level. When she does find an appropriate and interested man through the Internet, Spence tries to arrange interviews directly afterwards. Not that he's trying to put a damper on her romance--he tells himself. But he can't deny the physical attraction. If only there was some way to get the physical and steer clear of the emotional baggage.

    Dating, and seeing Spence gives Beth a confidence boost and she starts to grow herself. Her semi-career at Starbucks doesn't seem like enough any more--and a purely physical relationship with Spence isn't a terrible thing, but it isn't what she is looking for either. Unfortunately, none of the guys she meets through the Internet, not even perfect Michael, quite measures up to Spence. Her girlfriends (the stars of the other novels in this cute series) tell her to go for Mr. Perfect, but Beth wants it all--physical sizzle and long-term commitment. Even if there's no way to get it.

    Author Kathleen O'Reilly (see more reviews of novels by O'Reilly) writes a sexy and fun story. The strong relationship amongst the females continues although new husbands keep them from quite as much contact as earlier. Beth's character growth makes her an interesting and sympathetic character and Spence is a guilty pleasure. BREAKFAST AT BETHANY'S is a charming winner.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/12/04

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