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    Review of BOY MEETS GIRL by Meg Cabot

    Avon Trade, January 2004

    Kate MacKenzie has problems enough, what with breaking up with her boyfriend of ten years (just on the eve of his million-dollar record deal) and not having a place to live and working for the biggest witch in New York, Amy Jenkins, Director of Human Resources. When evil Amy forces Kate to fire the very popular dessert lady, Kate ends up being named in the unlawful termination lawsuit. What she doesn't need is to tall in love with the lawyer handling the arbitration, Mitch Hertzog, who also happens to be the brother of Amy's fiance, who caused all the trouble with the dessert lady in the first place.

    Told through a series of e-mails, Instant Messages, phone messages, journal entries, menus, recipes, receipts and other miscellaneous written documentation, this story is a quick and easy read, and laugh-out-loud funny in places. The characters are sharply drawn, from Kate's rock-singer-ex-boyfriend and his lame songs to Mitch's recently outed lesbian sister. But the gimmick of e-mails, etc. gets old and serves to distance the reader from the actual events. We always hear about what happened after the fact, and all the !!!! and CAPITAL LETTERS become tedious. I also did not find the romance itself particularly riveting. But the book is fun, fast and easy, often very clever. You can actually read it during commercials and not forget your place. Chick lit fans will appreciate it.

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    Three Stars

    Reviewed 2/27/04

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