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    Review of BOUNTY HUNTER RANSOM by Kara Lennox (see her website)


    Harlequin Intrigue #756, February 2004

    College professor Aubrey Schuyler doesn't have adventures. But when her cousin Patti asks for Aubrey's help and then disappears--along with Patti's baby, Aubrey arrives just in time to be assaulted. Unfortunately, the police know Patti's past and suspect that Patti simply ran. The only one who seems concerned is the last man Aubrey wants to see--handsome bounty-hunter Beau Maddox. Beau, whom Aubrey has cherished a secret crush on since their childhood. Beau, the man who shot her brother. In an uneasy alliance, the two start a search for Patti and the missing baby.

    Aubrey, and Patti's wealthy family, vow to find the baby and save her--somehow. Aubrey's search takes them from gentile southern mansions to the depraved depths of Texas's most tasteless and dangerous S&M bar. When Patti's father offers a multimillion dollar reward for the baby's return, Beau suddenly seems much more interested. Could he be interested only in the money? Or could the hunky bounty hunter be part of the conspiracy rather than a concerned rescuer?

    Author Kara Lennox (see more reviews of novels by Lennox) became a Harlequin American favorite with her blend of humor and sexiness. In her Harlequin Intrigue debut, Lennox adds danger and adventure to create a page-turning thriller. Aubrey makes a fine heroine and Beau is a heart-throbbing hunk. Lennox's polished and professional writing kept me intrigued and in doubt about who was behind all of the danger that came into Aubrey's life.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/03/04

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