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    Review of BEYOND MY DREAMS by Tammy Hilz (see her website)

    Zebra Historical Romance, April 2004

    Five thousand years ago, King Menes united upper and lower Egypt and created a unique crown--the pshent. According to legend, whoever holds that crown can rule the world. And one man, more than any other, believes he is up to the challenge. Napoleon Bonaparte occupies Egypt and has hired every crew to search the deserts and find him the unique crown. But Engishman Gavin McLeod, Earl of Blackwell, intends to find the crown first and return it to King George. He hires the last digging crew available, not knowing that its captain is the beautiful and very female Mackenzie (Mac) Tuggle.

    Mac has devoted her life to taking care of her father and his aging crew--the men Gavin has hired. But she doesn't know if she can even take care of herself where Gavin is concerned. The physical attraction is obvious, and mutual, but Gavin guards his heart with strong walls. He was betrayed before, by a woman, and swears he'll never let it happen again. At any rate, Gavin is an Aristocrat, more comfortable in the drawing rooms of London. And Mac loves Egypt. Although she's English, she wants to spend her life in the exotic land of the Pharaohs.

    In an exciting adventure that takes them through the ruins of ancient Egypt and the streets of revolutionary France, Mac and Gavin battle the French, nature, and their growing love for one another. Each knows that the other is wrong for them, but neither can keep away.

    Author Tammy Hilz (see more reviews of novels by Hilz) has written a compelling and fast-moving adventure. The sexual attraction between Gavin and Mac sizzles and Gavin makes a wonderful wounded hero. But Hilz excels in her descriptions of action, combining physical danger with the growing emotional risks that her protagonists put themselves in. Hilz fans will delight in seeing returning characters Jake and Sarah from SHADOW OF THE SUN (see our review) but this book definitely belongs to Gavin and especially the delightful Mac.

    This is a good one.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/23/04

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