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    Review of BEST-KEPT LIES by Lisa Jackson

    Silhouette Desire #1592, July 2004

    Randi McCafferty can take care of herself--and her baby son. She doesn't need the bodyguard her brothers hired to protect her and she certainly wouldn't want her bodyguard to be the man whom she'd slept with. but detective Kurt Striker didn't intend to let Randi out of his sight. He was going to find the secret of her baby's father and the secrets of who might hate her enough to threaten her life. If this meant opening every wound he'd ever suffered, that was part of the price of his job.

    As Randi's enemy gradually grows closer, Kurt and Randi head for a remote mountain cabin, but even this security is short-lived. Of course, there's nothing like a remote mountain cabin for putting a hero and heroine together where they can't help fall in love. Finally, though, as they head back to Montana, their luck runs out and Randi's stalker finally tracks them down.

    After a slow first half where Randi and Kurt spend too much time alone, thinking about the night they spent together, author Lisa Jackson picks up the pace in the second half. Randi remains strong and determined to be self-reliant but gradually understands what motivates Kurt and feels the emotional attachment. The mystery element of this Silhouette Desire serves mainly as an excuse to keep Randi and Kurt together and there isn't a lot of detecting going on.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 8/06/04

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