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    Review of THE BANE AFFAIR by Alison Kent (see her website)

    Brava: Kensington Publishing Corp, October 2004

    After being betrayed into a year of brutal captivity in Thailand, Christian Bane isn't about to trust a woman again--especially not the secretary of a scientist who seems intent on selling out his country. But when Hank Smithson, his boss and the man who saved him from his bamboo cage, asks him to impersonate an organized crime figure and infiltrate the scientist's lab, Christian knows he will have to swallow hard and do the job. If only Natasha Gaudet didn't look so innocent. But his Thai girlfriend had looked innocent too--until she'd turned him over to the druglords.

    Natasha Gaudet has worked for her god-father for years and has hated to see the way he's declined as a debilitating disease has gradually crushed him. When her boss asks her to make herself fully available to the client, she doesn't think he means it literally, but Peter Deacon (Christian's cover) is one sexy guy and Natasha feels an instant bond. If he likes his sex a little rough and a little quick, Natasha can go along with that.

    Author Alison Kent does a wonderful job portraying a tortured and damaged hero. Christian's past spills over into the present, darkly reflecting the growing feelings and the growing trust he feels for Natasha. Kent's strong writing involves the reader in his wounds and makes us hope that he can overcome them and find a healing relationship. The unofficial spy agency, the Smithson Group, makes a great series hook with several more damaged hunks waiting for danger and the right woman to redeem them.

    If you like steamy sex and constant danger in your romance, you'll definitely want to grab a copy of THE BANE AFFAIR.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/19/04

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