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    Review of BABE IN TOYLAND by Eugenie Seifer Olson

    Avon Trade, March 2004

    Toby Morris appears to have it all together. She works in a job that at least sounds glamorous (at a toy company), she has a platonic male roommate and hip friends, and she's reasonably attractive.

    But something is missing from Toby's life. Her job is really aggravating and demeaning, and she hasn't had a boyfriend in ages. Then things get really goofy when she falls in love with a TV weatherman she's never met, and her roommate starts dating a horrible, hateful, annoying woman who is always underfoot. As we get deeper into Toby's psyche, we find she is comfortingly neurotic (a heroine we can relate to). Even when she almost crosses the line to stalker as she sends anonymous poems to the weatherman, we understand her, and we can shed tears right along with her when she retreats to her bedroom to stroke her "Magic Wish Horse."

    This is a cute, very readable book, if highly predictable. I knew from just about the first page who Toby would end up with. It had all the requisite chick-lit requirements--urban setting, 30-ish, neurotic characters; a heroine who's pretty but not perfectly so; a whacky, brash, outspoken best friend who's trying to quit smoking; a cool job that, at some point in the book, is at risk due to some unfair condition, and numerous intriguing love interests. It's good beach reading if you want something funny and entertaining but not too challenging.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 6/25/04

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