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    Review of ANGELS by Marian Keyes (see her website)

    Harper Torch, May 2003

    Fired from her job and with her marriage in shambles, Maggie Garvin decides to leave Dublin and visit her best friend Emily in Los Angeles, where she hopes the endless sunshine, white sand beaches, and the warmth of her friend's unconditional love will heal her broken heart. What she finds is that her friend is having her own crisis--her burgeoning career as a screenwriter is about to crash and burn.

    The two women comfort each other and offer (usually bad) advice as they try to extract themselves from an emotional quagmire with mindless sex, irresponsible shopping and "complicated martinis." As Maggie floats along in the plastic world that is La-La land, the reader learns through flashbacks the tragedies that led to the break-up of her marriage.

    This was one of the funniest books I've read in a long time, with passages that had me hooting with laughter and following my husband around the house reading scenes out loud so he could appreciate them. But it also brought a tear to my eye. And though this book broke several rules of good storytelling (the heroine, for example, is not the driving force of her own story and has no goals to speak of) I still loved it. The conclusion was very satisfying as Maggie finally figures out what she wants--and gets it.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/16/04

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