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    Review of THE MOST UNSUITABLE HUSBAND by Caroline Clemmons (see her website)

    Kensington, November 2003

    While travelling from her mother's funeral back to her home in Texas, Sara Kincaid fints three abandoned children starving and sick. She falls in love with them and rescues them, but turns to help from a 'businessman' she met on the river boat to St. Louis--a man who just happened to be nearby at her mother's funeral.

    Nate Bartholomew (Barton) deserved half the money from the sale of the bar but he can't exactly confront Sarah for it. For one thing, he's supposed to be dead. For another, if he wasn't dead, the law would be after him. Still, he vows that he'll get his money back somehow. How he feels about the children Sarah rescues, how he begins to feel about Sarah herself, has nothing to do with his plan. At least not at first. And by the time it starts to matter, by the time he realizes that he wants more of the beautiful young woman, it's too late. Besides, what respectable woman would have anything to do with a con-man and a gambler like himself? Nate knows that he's not husband material.

    Author Caroline Clemmons (see more reviews of novels by Clemmons) continues her Kincaid series with a sensuous story of love, family, and trust set in 19th century Texas and St. Louis. Fans of the series will be happy to see Storm, Pearl, and the other members of the family again. Nate makes a fine tortured hero. Sarah grows as a character through the story. Always spunky, her love for the children she rescues and her growing affection for Nate allow her to assert herself, to learn to care less about proprieties and more about what is right.

    THE MOST UNSUITABLE HUSBAND is an enjoyable treat.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/29/03

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