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    Review of THE NANNY by Melissa Nathan

    Avon Trade, September 2003

    At 23, Jo Green feels her life might be over. Still living at home, working as a nanny with no chance for advancement, and dating the same guy for six years, she's in a real rut. So she answers an ad for a live-in nanny in London, and soon she's more shaken up than she planned for.

    Her new employers, the Fitzgeralds, are a real mess. The kids are brats, mom Vanessa is conflicted about her career, father Dick appears to be an ambitionless philanderer. Then there's Josh, Dick's son by a previous marriage, who is the most confusing of all. Gentle with Jo one minute, then horrid the next, and very sexy, Jo just doesn't know what to make of him or her unruly attraction toward him.

    This was a really cute book, with a large cast of well-rounded characters who all had their own demons to slay. There were funny moments and touching ones as Jo faced her own frailties and made some tough decisions and, ultimately, grew up. If I had any complaints, it's that the book is too long and the print too small.

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    Three Stars

    Reviewed 12/12/03

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