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    Review of TAMMY AND THE PRIVATE EYE by Amy Eastlake, October 2003

    Tammy and the Private Eye cover Tammy Jones dreams of becoming a private detective--and she's even gotten a job for an agency. Unfortunately, her job is in the typing pool and Tammy is so shy that she's unlikely ever to get out. Especially when it comes to talking to super-hunky Pete Hunter--the head of the agency and the man Tammy carries a major crush for. But when Hunter needs a double for a famous movie star, Tammy fits the bill. Somehow, though, Hunter has to transform Tammy from a quivering bundle of fear into a powerful woman who can actually convince thousands of fans that she is the queen of glamour in Hollywood. Hunter is known as a miracle worker, but it will take more than a miracle to pull this job.

    Author Amy Eastlake (see more reviews of romance by Eastlake, see also reviews of mysteries by Eastlake) creates a charming and funny story. Hunter is an effective alpha-type hero--he's demanding of other people, but never demands anything he won't do himself. Tammy's gradual transformation is a guilty pleasure--as she finds herself gaining power through his touch--and then seeking out Hunter's touch to achieve her potential. Eventually, though, Tammy's ambitions clash with Hunter's protective nature. Can the new confidence that Tammy has been building survive, and does the budding attraction between the two stand a chance?

    TAMMY AND THE PRIVATE EYE mixes adventure, Hollywood glamour, and good old-fashioned romance. It's a winner. And it's a bargain at's low price of only $1. Available in HTML, Palm DOC, Microsoft Reader (*.LIT), and Adobe Acrobat (*.PDF) formats.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/16/03

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