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    Review of TALL, DARK AND TEXAN by Jane Sullivan (see her website)

    Harlequin Temptation #960, January 2004

    Almost out of gas on her way from New York to Hollywood, hopeful actress Wendy Jamison gets carjacked, losing everything. The huge and dangerous man who pulls up on a motorcycle looks like the end, but he turns out to be a hunky bounty hunter--Michael Wolfe. With no money, no clothes but what she's wearing, and with a blizzard raging, Wendy needs rescuing, but only for a little while. She's on her way to Los Angeles, to the movies and television. Some day, she's going to have her picture on People Magazine and she's never going to settle again.

    Wolfe has made his own way in life and he's now the top bounty hunter in Dallas. He lives alone, except for a bad-tempered cat, and he likes it that way. He doesn't need a woman in his life, especially not one who makes trouble, can't take orders, and who lies about being a gourmet cook. Still, Wolfe is all male and something about Wendy turns his hormonal thermostat to full blast. But Wolfe knows that girls like Wendy don't fall for guys like him. He's too big, too scary, and too damaged to mean anything to her. Besides, she's only going to stay in Texas long enough to get her feet back under her, earn enough for the breast augmentation sadly necessary to succeed in Hollywood, and then she'll be out of his life forever.

    Wendy finds herself falling in love with Wolfe, with the way he cares for others and the fierce protectiveness he offers her, but she can't give up on her dreams. They have kept her alive, motivated, going, when everyone else in her large family settled for working in the chewing gum factory. She simply can't give up on her dreams, even for love.

    Author Jane Sullivan (see more reviews of novels by Sullivan, see also reviews of books written by Sullivan writing as Jane Graves) delivers a super-sexy story with some charming humor and just a touch of adventure. Wolfe is a wonderfully damaged hero and Wendy makes a spunky heroine, filled with energy and a willingness to try anything to reach her dreams. Sullivan's strong writing propells the story along, making TALL, DARK AND TEXAN a book that you'll want to start early in the day if you plan to get any sleep that night at all.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/07/03

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