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    Review of STRAIGHT TALKING by Jane Green

    Broadway Books, 2003

    Anastasia (Tasha) is thirty and single. She knows that she's pretty, makes a good living in London television, and has plenty of friends, but her relationships may last a single night or nine months, but they never turn into Mr. Right. Sometimes the passion is there but nothing else. And with her friend Adam, there is love without passion--which simply isn't enough for Tasha.

    Author Jane Green uses a conversations first person style to narrate Tasha's adventures in London. She hangs out with her girlfriends, sees her psychologist, and wonders why she can't find the relationship that will make her happy. She sleeps with several men (but not so many that she's really slutty), and spends most of her time with her friends talking about her men or their men--none of whom are worth bringing home in the first place. Of course, Adam has been growing on her, but Adam simply doesn't create the kind of fireworks that Tasha feels she needs.

    Green is a good writer and her writing holds the reader's interest. Tasha, however, is not an especially likable character. She falls hard for Simon who doesn't seem to have anything going for him, waits for him to call her even when he's sleeping with a beautiful model, and treats Adam like dirt. We're led to believe that Adam is really a special and understanding guy, but I couldn't help wondering why he would like someone as superficial as Tasha unless he had his own issues.

    STRAIGHT TALKING is classic Chick Lit. Women living in the big city, making big money, reject any man who is interested in them and go for the men who aren't available--and then feel sorry for themselves when things don't work out. If you like this kind of story, you'll enjoy STRAIGHT TALKING. Green's conversational style does work.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 11/29/03

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