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    Review of SNOW BRIDE by Debbie Macomber (see her website)

    MIRA Books, October 2003

    Jenna Campbell has been in love with her boss for years and the man doesn't even notice her. Finally she gives up and establishes an Internet relationship with Alaskan Dalton Gray. Dalton shares her interest in poetry, seems to be a sensitive sort, and exudes the passion that Jenna wants so badly. She won't admit it to her mother, but Jenna has hopes that Dalton will surprise her with a proposal and engagement ring. Instead, no Dalton shows up to meet her. She hitches a ride from handsome but angry pilot Reid Jamison. Reid has a history with Dalton--none of it good--and when he hears Jenna's intentions, he kidnaps her instead. But when a sudden storm strands Jenna in Snowbound, Alaska, in a town whose only other woman is on vacation in Fairbanks, Jenna discovers that she could get used to the male attention. Especially Reid's.

    Author Debbie Macomber (see more reviews of novels by Macomber) always delivers a warm and engaging story and THE SNOW BRIDE is no exception. Reid is a fine wounded hero, angrilly denying that he'd ever need anyone, especially not a woman. Jenna comes across as a bit more naive than you'd expect from the executive assistant to one of the world's richest men, and her buy-in to the belief that romance will happen if it's meant to happen is questionable, but she is a likable character, anxious to protect her mother and unwilling to believe the worst of Dalton until she gives him a chance to tell her his story himself.

    One of Macomber's strengths is her secondary characters and SNOW delivers a herd of them in the crusty bachelors of Snow Bound, Jenna's much-married mother, and the bewildered billionaire.

    THE SNOW BRIDE is a super-quick read and a feel-good booster shot.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 12/10/03

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