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    Atria Books, 2003

    When she arrives in Washington D.C., a fresh law student who's never been out of South Dakota before, African-American Mary Ann Ferguson brings her rural morals and hangups. But R.A. Patricia Reynolds sees potential. Sexy, intelligent, and fun, Mary Ann might just be the type of woman that the secret sisterhood of APF (Alphi Phi F**kem) is looking for. APF helps African-American women develop self-confidence and leadership abilities, runs a successful investment club, and also holds monthly 'freak nights' where the sisters round up strangers for a theme-party orgy.

    Mary Ann has a lot of growing to do before she's ready for APF or for the challenges of being a big-city lawyer. Dreamboat 3rd year law student Trevor Ames is instantly attracted to Mary Ann, but he isn't much in the sack department and he doesn't seem to want to give up on Fe Fe as a stand-in. Then there's Mary Ann's ex-boyfriend back in South Dakota. Most critical, though, are Mary Ann's sexual hangups--hangups that prevent her from having a truly free and enjoyable sexual experience. Until she can enjoy sex for herself rather than as a part of satisfying a man, she won't be ready for APF, or for a mature relationship with a man.

    Through the novel, the three primary protagonists, Mary Ann, Patricia, and Olive, all discover or deepen their relationships with a true male partner, but do so in the context of their sexual liberation. While APF is a secret not shared with their men, the men ultimately benefit by having sexually enthusiastic partners. Character development is more hinted at than explored as THE SISTERS OF APF focusses on the sexual side of the story.

    Author Zane's (see more reviews of novels by Zane) writing is fast-paced and sexy with enough dialect to give the story an authentic flavor without detracting from readability. The material is sexually explicit and deals with issues of adultery. The easily offended will want to stay clear. Those who enjoy a steamy and liberating story of modern women will find THE SISTERS OF APF highly enjoyable.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 6/18/03

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