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    Review of SHADOW OF THE SUN by Tammy Hilz (see her website)

    Zebra, January 2004

    When her archeologist-father, deathly ill from a Pharoh's curse, calls on Sarah Whitehurst to carry the remains of Queen Tiy back to Egypt, Sarah sees a chance to reclaim her father's love from Jake Mitchell, the young man who replaced her in her father's eyes and became the son he truly wanted. Admittedly a woman travelling alone in 1798 is risky, especially with Napoleon gathering an invasion fleet poised to strike somewhere, maybe even to Egypt itself, but Sarah is intent to accomplish what her father sets as her goal. Her increasing fascination with the story of Queen Tiy only makes her more resolute.

    Years before, a viccount had stolen Jake Mitchell's archeological finds, claiming them as his own and accusing Jake of stealing. The discovery of Queen Tiy (in partnership with Sarah's father) is a chance to redeem his reputation, reclaim his role as a leading British archeologist, and gain the funding he Jake needs to pursue his love of Egypt and of archeology. Admittedly his partner has been suffering from a bit of superstitious nonsense, but no superstition, no thief, nothing, is going to get in Jake's way this time. When Jake discovers that Queen Tiy's remains are missing, presumably stolen by his partner, Lord Whithurst to be returned to Egypt, he sets off in pursuit.

    Thrown together on the same ship, Sarah hides her identity and the nature of her cargo from the man she knows will do anything in his power to deny her this one chance to reclaim her father's love. Despite herself, however, she feels a growing appreciation, respect, and desire for this powerful man. Although Jake knows Sarah is hiding secrets, he can't imagine she is hiding the one secret most important to him. When he discovers the truth, Sarah knows that any chance at love will be destroyed. But first, they need to explore Egypt--and to avoid the armies of Napoleon himself.

    Author Tammy Hilz (see more reviews of novels by Hilz) writes an emotionally rich adventure story. Both the streets of London and the deserts of Egypt come alive in this exciting story. Sarah and Jake are both damaged characters intent on proving themselves, and Hilz makes their emotional and physical attraction vividly real at the same time as she draws the conflict in strong relief. SHADOW OF THE SUN is the first of an exciting series of historical novels by Tammy Hilz. I'll be looking forward to reading the remaining novels as well.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/03/03

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