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    Review of SHADOW FIRES by Catherine Spangler (see her website)

    Dorchester, February 2004

    Feared and neglected by her fellow Shielders because of her visions, Jenna dan Aron agrees to mate with a barbarian warlord--in exchange for his help rescuing recently found Shielder colonies. Arion of Saura is a classic alpha hunk--determined to have his way and to follow the rules of logic and the law, no matter what barriers may get in the way. He may wish he could have a true Leor mate rather than a human, but the needs of his people must prevail. And Jenna meets the qualifications. The fact that he finds her strangely attractive, despite her tendency to argue with him about everything, is strictly irrelevant. Certainly he won't listen to his ruler's mate with her talk of sexual pleasure. He is doing this for duty.

    Jenna finds the Leor world of Saura strange, hot, and frightening. The Leor rarely smile and many seem to dislike her. Their strange rituals, use of slavery, and rigid rules offend her. At the same time, the attraction she feels for Jarek, and the strange magical vibrations that come over both of them when they are together, hint that there is something strange and wonderful about their union. Although the Leor are large and powerful, she finds herself longing for the lovemaking.

    Author Catherine Spangler (see more reviews of novels by Spangler) creates an emotionally satisfying universe of adventure, desire, and love. The Controllers have hounded most of the Shielders from their quadrant, and now only the Leor are able to oppose them. Yet Arion finds that treachery is possible even among the rule-bound Leors. Janna may find the Leor rules restrictive, but Arionknows that their civilization stands at a cusp. Without the rules, all may be destroyed. Even his own life is a small price to pay for preserving order--especially when it may save the woman he has grown to love.

    Spangler's descriptive and sensual writing draws the reader into the characters and gives the strong emotions of SHADOW FIRES real emotional impact. Fans of the Shelder series will welcome this addition and anyone who enjoys futuristic romance will want to add Spangler to their favorite author list.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/03/03

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