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    Review of SHADOW CROSSING by Catherine Spangler (see her website)


    Love Spell, April 2003

    Life was boring for Celie Cameron--one milk run after another. While she wouldn't go back to the problems she's escaped, she wouldn't mind something interesting--at least that was what she thought before she found herself in the middle of a firefight. Celie learns that the sector is not as sedate as she had imagined--and that someone is systematically denying some people basic food and medical requirements. When Celie finds herself on a spaceship with an arrogant prince and a handsome cyborg, she decides that she can finally indulge in the sexual desires she's repressed for so long. After all, while she could never trust a man, she has nothing to fear from a cyborg--does she?

    Rurick has uncovered evidence of a plot against justice and the legitimate authorities of the sector--but it couldn't have happened if some of those authorities weren't deeply involved. He's got to find the truth--and help the innocent people who are suffering. When Celie walks into his life and starts demanding sexual satisfaction, he is torn between his desire for her and the secret he holds. Celie can't trust men and she really shouldn't be trusting Rurick either.

    Author Catherine Spangler (see more reviews of novels by Spangler) writes an exciting saga of space ships, sabotage, secret identities, and cuddly aliens. Rurick is a powerfully alpha hero, a man who can keep up with a woman who has smuggled--and worse. If any male can break through the tough shield that Celie has built, it is Rurick, but she's determined not to let him. SHADOW CROSSING is a true romance, but it offers cross-over appeal to fans of the STAR WARS genre. SHADOW CROSSING is a part of Spangler's SHIELDER universe, but each of the books stands alone.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 2/14/03

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