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    Review of AT YOUR SERVICE, JACK by Brenda Hammond

    Harlequin Temptation #903, November 2002

    In need of a change of scenery and with credit card debt up to her eyebrows (charged up by cheating ex-fiance, Simon), English Freddi Elliott takes a job as butler to a Canadian businessman. Jack is dreamy to look at and certainly needs the culture that Freddi brings him, but he was expecting a male butler. A female, especially a female that looks like Freddi might be just a little too much temptation. Jack decides to set impossible goals for Freddie--and drive her to quit.

    Freddi has no problems with Jack's missions--there is little that Jack's money can't solve--but she has a harder time dealing with the purely sensual fire that he creates in her every time he touches her. What Freddi doesn't realize is that Simon has always conspired to undermine Jack, and that the discovery that she was once Simon's fiancee will make Jack doubt all of his feelings and be certain of betrayal.

    Author Brenda Hammond delivers a cute and sexy story. The super-competent Freddi turns Jack's life around, brings him the culture that he needs to add to his male manliness, and makes the dates he's arranged through the dating service seem definitely second rate. AT YOUR SERVICE, JACK doesn't have much conflict or character development, but it delivers a charming fairy tale.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 1/01/03

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