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    Review of SEMIAUTOMATIC MARRIAGE by Leona Karr

    Harlequin Intrigue #724, August 2003

    New doctor Carolyn Leigh was planning to find a job when she gets a call from a lawyer. The good news is that she's inherited controlling interest in a pharmacutical company. The bad news is that the company may be making bad drugs, the grandfather she never knew may have been killed, and the government wants her to marry FDA agent Adam Lawrence to let him investigate.

    With Adam's romantic gestures and the attraction between the two, it is't long before Carolyn starts to wish that the marriage was more than a fake. But Adam keeps his secrets close and Carolyn wonders if she can even trust him. Certainly everyone else around heris lying.

    It's hard to buy into SEMIAUTOMATIC MARRIAGE. Surely the government would create papers proving the marriage rather than insisting on a legal ceremony, and Adam's refusal to tell Carolyn about the mysterious 'Angel' appears to exist only to titilate the reader--a real government agent who wanted to work with a civilian would prove his bona fides, not leave her in doubt. Certainly his excuse rings false.

    In many ways, the book is an old-fashioned gothic--there are plenty of evil-seeming people around but the most evil is often the one who appears least likely.

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    Two Stars

    Reviewed 8/07/03

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