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    Review of LOVE WITH A SCANDALOUS LORD by Lorraine Heath (see her website)

    Avon Historical Romance, June 2003

    Lydia Westland is determined to make her trip to England, her 'season' a dream come true. When her step-father Grayson is called back from Texas to see his dying father, Lydia accompanies him, fantasies of ever-so-proper and ever-so-handsome English noblemen sweeping her off her feet. London is a long way from Fortune, Texas, but Lydia is accompanied by multiple ettiquette books and a heaping serving ot Texas confidence, but none of that seems quite enough when she meets her step-father's much younger half-brother, Rhys, Marquess of Blackhurst and soon-to-be Duke.

    Rhys can't ignore the instant attraction he feels toward this beautiful and energetic Texas woman, but neither can he deliver what she so clearly is looking for and so obviously deserves. She should have her season, her moment of glory. Any connection to him will eventually doom her. Even as he kisses her, he tries to hold her away. When her first ball in London results in disaster, Rhys resolves to a devil's bargain to bring her what Lydia needs and deserves--a bargain that will put her forever beyond his reach. She can have her season, her social success, but she can never have him.

    Author Lorraine Heath (see more reviews of novels by Heath) brings her emotionally rich characters and situations from Texas to England in LOVE WITH A SCANDALOUS LORD. Set in the 1880s, England is in the midst of its transformation from aristocracy to democracy, and the proprieties remain critical. A woman can still be ruined and a career in business, bastardy, or inappropriate sexual adventures can still destroy a man's standing in society. Lydia is a charming heroine, with appealing Texas spunk. Rhys is damaged and dangerous--with skills in lovemaking that would set any woman's heart on fire, and that, in fact, have sent too many women into his arms.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/07/03

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