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    Review of PILLOW TALK by Kathleen O'Reilly (see her website)

    Harlequin Temptation #967, March 2004

    Jessica Barnes and her girlfriends have almost given up on love and marriage. For Jessica, the alternative is competition and success in business. She's on track to become the first Vice President ever from her Chicago union family and lusts after a Porche almost as much as she does over the hunky consultant her firm has hired. Unfortunately, the hunky consultant, Adam Taylor, is the problem. His job is to polish the company she works for as an acquisition target--and if that happens, Jessica is going to be out the door rather than through the glass ceiling.

    Adam Taylor is good at what he does and what he does is help companies maximize their profits by doing more with fewer workers. Sure he finds Jessica attractive, but that doesn't mean he can escape the brutal logic of the numbers. Fortunately, Adam has a better plan. He'll persuade Jessica to give it all up and help him pursue his dream--the house he already owns in Alabama needs a wife and kids. And Adam's homey fantasies have suddenly gotten a lot more concrete with Jessica in every picture. Unfortunately for his fantasy life, Jessica is a Chicago girl and wouldn't recognize a stove or vacuum cleaner if they bit her. Still, Adam can be very persuasive.

    Author Kathleen O'Reilly (see more reviews of novels by O'Reilly) writes with fast contemporary pacing and delivers a sexy, funny, but thoughtful story. Jessica's friendship with her girlfriends was strong and well integrated into the plot and conflict as well as introducing readers to the protagonists in later books in this series.

    PILLOW TALK is a fine example of a new wave in category romance--one where a woman is allowed to have friends and a career as well as a man. It's a welcome trend and O'Reilly does a great job with it.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/29/03

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