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    Review of ONE KISS FROM YOU by Christina Dodd (see her website)

    Avon, November 2003

    When her uncle, the Duke, loses his daughter in a card game, her cousin sends Eleanor de Lacy to take her place as fiancee to American Remington Knight. The cousin will find some way to rescue Eleanor before the wedding, but she's certainly unwilling to step up to the plate--father's debts or no. So Eleanor must face Remington alone--and he's a hard man to face. Although she is initially shy, Eleanor's confidence grows as she confronts Remington, letting him know that, whatever his intentions, he cannot control her. Which is exactly what Remington wants to do. He is seeking revenge against the whole de Lacy family.

    Eleanor must fool both Remington and London society--the incredibly small and tight-knit society of Regency England. Worse, her wicked stepmother will do anything to make sure she fails. Fortunately, nobody much likes the wicked stepmother which gives Eleanor one advantage. But the stepmother is only part of the problem because it soon becomes apparent that someone is trying to kill Remington. Could this be Eleanor's cousin's plan? The story concludes with an action sequence where Eleanor and Remington must confront an overwhelming force of evil henchmen.

    Author Christina Dodd (see more reviews by Dodd) writes a sexy story. Remington Knight is a completely alpha hero, insistent on his right to ravage poor Eleanor, jealous of any male who looks her way, and intent on having her do things exactly his way. His plan for revenge on the de Lacy clan is a bit confusing though. While he is certainly motivated, it isn't clear how marriage to the future duchess helps his plans--or how marrying cousin Eleanor would make any difference to it.

    If you enjoy sexy Regency-set romances with dominating alpha heros tamed by a woman's love, then you'll definitely want to check out ONE KISS FROM YOU.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 11/18/03

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