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    Review of NERD IN SHINING ARMOR by Vicki Lewis Thompson (see her website)

    Dell, May 2003

    Genevieve Terrence has decided on her future husband--Nick Brogan. Nick has a few bad habits, like inviting secretaries to overnight meetings and seducing them, but she knows he had a tough childhood and is certain she can save him. Until Nick invites Genevieve on one of his trips and strands her on a desert island with no one but genius nerd Jackson (Jack) Farley to keep her company Together the two try to find some way to stay alive and Genevieve starts to think that Jack looks better than she's ever noticed before. Of course he still is a nerd and he's still the kind of guy who would get involved in a software project and forget his girlfriend's birthday, but that just means they don't have a future, not that they can't have a present.

    Author Vicki Lewis Thompson (see more reviews of fiction by Thompson) writes a funny and sexy story of cast-aways with six condoms and big ideas. The characters are way over the top--Genevieve's Tennessee hick-talk is not exactly believable, but then again, nothing in this story is meant to be believable--the story of Elvis's underwear should set any reader straight on that right away. Instead, Thompson delivers a pure fantasy of a self-dressed Cinderella, and a prince of a guy who desperately needs fashion advice but who looks completely wonderful in the nude.

    It may not be great literature, but NERD IN SHINING ARMOR is a charming reminder to look closely at the frogs you kiss--and to make sure that the nerd you reject isn't really a prince of a guy.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 10/19/03

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