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    Review of TOO MUCH TEMPTATION by Lori Foster (see her website)

    Kensington Brava, March 2002

    Noah Harper has his life planned out. He'll marry Kara, work for his grandmother, and generally be a normal sort of guy. Except when he walks in on Kara in bed with someone else, he doesn't get mad, he gets relieved. Maybe, he realizes, he didn't really want Kara much in the first place. As to what he really wants, he doesn't figure out until voluptuous Grace Jenkins walks into his apartment to offer her support. Grace is his grandmother's secretary but she has been in lvoe with Noah for years. As long as he was engaged to Kara, she wouldn't do anything. But when Noah announced he wants Grace for his love slave, she's happy to oblige.

    Being a love-slave is a joy for Grace--even if she did start out a virgin. Noah is a considerate lover with incredible recuperative powers and a non-stop imagination. Still, Grace is a little bit sad to know that she'll never be able to hold him. Hunky guys like Noah don't settle for fat girls like Grace--at least that's what she tells herself. When she tells Noah that, he tells her not to call herself fat and spanks her until she agrees.

    Author Lori Foster (see more reviews of novels by Foster) delivers a sexy and fun romp. There isn't a lot of conflict and not much of a plot at all, but if you're looking for steamy sex, a hunky hero, and a plus-sized virgin heroine who is both submissive (n bed) and spunky (everywhere else), this is the book for you.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 11/11/03

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