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    Review of A MOTHER'S SPECIAL CARE by Jessica Matthews (see her website)

    Harlequin Medical Romance #112, June 2003

    Nurse Lori Ames has married for convenience before. Widowed after a brief and unhappy marriage, she plans on holding out for the real thing next time. Dr. Max Grant had the real thing and he knows that he will never love again. A relationship seems impossible despite the attraction that the two feel for one another. Their children, however, have other plans. Still, can even matchmaking children bring about what both of the adults know is an impossible solution.

    A MOTHER'S SPECIAL CARE is one of Harlequin's medical series and author Jessica Matthews makes the medical terminology both convincing and approachable as Grant buries himself in his work, assisted by Ames but hampered by the incompetent Brad (a co-worker). Grant's bumbling attempts to suggest a marriage of convenience (with sex, of course) can't help but provoke a smile.

    A MOTHER'S SPECIAL CARE doesn't stretch the category boundaries. We have the strong, hardworking doctor and heroic nurse working together with a romantic conflict that, for me at least, was solved in a fairly disappointing way. Still, Matthews' strong writing propells the reader through the pages, the child matchmakers add an element of humor, a child runaway adds angst, and Brad's issues add a bit of contemporary relevance.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 7/21/03

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