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    Review of THE MOMMY PLAN by Susan Gable (see her website)

    Harlequin SuperRomance #1150, August 2003

    Since the death of her son, teacher Rachel Thompson has survived--barely. Now her principal has put her on notice. She is to spend two weeks with the campers at Camp Firefly Wishes. Spending time with happy living children is bad enough--but these children are transplant recipients. Rachel allowed her son's body to be harvested as a transplant donor, but that only makes her feelings of fear and horror that much stronger.

    Psychologist James McClain nearly lost his daugher and he has devoted his life to keeping her alive. Maybe he is obsessive-compulsive about keeping things clean and germ-free. Maybe he doesn't let Molly do the things that every other girl--even transplant recipient girls--do. But losing Molly would be too much. James is instantly attracted to Rachel and decides that the two weeks of camp would be far more pleasant with a summer fling. But Molly has ideas that go far beyond a fling. She wants a mother and has picked Miss Rachel for that role.

    Author Susan Gable delivers a powerfully emotional tale. It is difficult to imagine anything more painful than losing a child. Gable takes the raw emotion that explodes from that concept and molds it around a charming love story. Both Rachel and James have to grow to become worthy of one another and Gable demonstrates both the physical attraction between these two and the reasons that keep them apart. Only by overcoming their fears can either find happiness--but the risks are big. Can Rachel survive a new child--one with a transplanted heart that just might stop working at any time?

    I was impressed with new author Gable's professional writing skills, skillful handling of the charged emotional content, and that she avoided the obvious cliches that trap so many authors. THE MOMMY PLAN is a winner and I'll be keeping my eyes open for more from author Susan Gable.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/23/03

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