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    Review of MARRIED IN A MONTH by Linda Goodnight (see her website)

    Silhouette Romance #1682, August 2003

    Kati Winslow desperately wants to create a day care center--so desperately that she's decided to find a husband to give her the collateral that she needs to secure the loan. When handsome cowboy Colt Garrett gets a baby dumped on his doorstep, he's in dire need of a nanny. Kati sees her chance and swoops in. She'll be the nanny, but only if Colt agrees to marry her. Colt knows he isn't the marrying kind--marriage and the Garrett family has always been an impossible combination. But surely he'll discover the baby's identity in time to head off his agreement--to marry Kati Winslow in a month.

    Author Linda Goodnight offers professional quality writing in this conventional tale of marriage of convenience turning into true love. Cynical realists may be troubled by the fraud inherent in Kati's plan to secure Colt's collateral even as she agrees to a prenuptual agreement and her hypocricy in claiming that having Colt simply co-sign the loan would be a handout (as opposed to what she is doing?), but MARRIED IN A MONTH is about fantasy rather than about reality. The fantasy is that the two are forced by circumstances to marry but find a true love as a result.

    It is a little harder to suspend disbelief that the laws of Texas would allow a woman to simply abandon a baby with a man not her father. Child protective services should have been called, if only to protect the child against the possibility of baby-sales. Again, we are asked to dig deep into fantasy mode to allow the ready-made family hook to develop.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 7/22/03

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