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    Review of INCRIMINATING PASSION by Ann Voss Peterson (see her website)

    Harlequin Intrigue #723, August 2003

    Assistant D.A. John Cohen has fallen for women before--and has sworn never to repeat the experience if it can mean ruining his case. When Beautiful Andrea Kirtland walks into his office, battered and with a story about murder and attempted murder, John wants to stick by his pledge. But something about Andrea's story gets to him--or maybe it's just her beautiful eyes peering into his soul.

    Andrea Kirtland had completely suppressed the memory of her husband's murder but now the memories are coming back--and with the memory return, someone is trying to kill her. Since the only people she told were the local police, she has no where to turn but to John. But John doesn't stop the killer from trying again. Yet, despite the clear fact that someone is trying to kill her, the evidence looks more and more conclusive that the first killer, the one who killed Andrea's husband, is Andrea herself--and once again, John has let a pretty face steer his career into danger.

    Author Ann Voss Peterson succeeds in the often difficult task of balancing emotional growth with action and adventure. For both Andrea and John, emotional involvement heightens rather than weakens the physical danger than confronts them. Ultimately, each faces a sacrifice--to give up everything they stand for for love.

    Sticklers will wonder why the killer relied on Andrea's convenient memory loss being permanent and didn't simply kill her at the same time as her husband. Despite this flaw, INCRIMINATING PASSION is a definite winner and one of the best Harelquin Intrigues I've read in a long while.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/06/03

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