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    Review of FLIRTING WITH DISASTER by Jane Graves (see her website)

    Ballantine/Ivy Books, November 2003

    When cop Dave DeMarco gets a panicked call from Lisa Merrick, a woman he hasn't seen in years, he drops everything and flies to her rescue in Mexico. His actions surprise himself as much as anyone. But Dave, a widower with a little girl to raise has a dark side no one suspects, and secrets long-suppressed that Lisa holds the key to. He can't ignore her plea for help.

    Lisa Merrick, working as a pilot for a humanitarian doctors' organization, has unwittingly uncovered a counterfeit drug ring. They sabotaged her plane and left her for dead, and she can't get out of Mexico without someone's help. The one person she believes might help her is the man who walked away from her after a steamy kiss in high school--the man who once told her to call if she ever needed anythig.

    The feelings between this unlikely couple are obvious from the beginning, but the things keeping them apart are compelling--not the least of which is that neither feels they deserve the other. But more pressing obstacles include ruthless men with guns, a corrupt police department, and a smooth villain who anticipates their every move and neatly sidesteps it.

    Jane Graves (see more reviews of books by Jane Graves/Jane Sullivan) has done it again with FLIRTING WITH DISASTER, the third in her series about the DeMarco family of cops in Tolosa, Texas. With a fast pace and unexpected plot twists around every corner, Dave and Lisa's story kept me turning the pages with breathless anticipation. The action scenes had my stomach tied in knots, while the sensual scenes had my pulse pounding (and I read every word of them, too, rather than skimming as I do with many love scenes). While the light-hearted humor of the previous two installments is almost absent in this book, it's not missed at all. Taut suspense and deep emotion fill the pages, and after you read this book you'll never think about lime juice the same way.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/31/03

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