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    Review of THE FERTILITY FACTOR by Jennifer Mikels


    Silhouette Special Edition #1559, August 2003

    At 38, nurse Lara Mancini is ready to marry and have babies. It doesn't help that all of her friends and family are marrying, pregnant, or some combination. At 38, Lara is concerned about her continued fertility--and working in a facility specializing in multiple childbirth, she has plenty of experience in the issues that declining fertility can bring. All of Lara's friends pitch in to line her up with dates. Unfortunately, none of them strike any sparks. Fortunately, though Lara works with the hottest doctor in New York. If only Dr. Dereck Cross hadn't given up on marriage.

    Dereck has decided that marriage is not for the Cross family. His marriage didn't work, although it produced a wonderful son. His father is just ending his fourth marriage and his mother had three before her death. Now Dereck's exwife is getting ready to head to Paris for years, abandoning their child just as he was abandoned. While he can't deny the incredible attraction he feels toward Lara, he won't subject son Joey to another abandonment.

    Author Jennifer Mikels is a longtime Silhouette Special Edition favorite and THE FERTILITY FACTOR delivers all of the heartwarming classics of this series. Lara is sympathetic as a member of a huge and loving family who wants only to share her love with a family. Damaged but hunky Dereck would be a bit more sympathetic if he would return his father's calls--he obsesses about being abandoned while refusing any outreach he gets--but his obvious love for his son redeems him completely. I also enjoyed the way Mikels handled Derek's ex-wife who isn't at all the demon so many ex'es become.

    THE FERTILITY FACTOR is part of the Manhattan Multiples miniseries but whatever is going on in the politics of the multiple-birth organization gets quickly left behind by the chemistry between Lara and Dereck.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 7/27/03

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