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    Review of FANTASY LOVER by Sherrilyn Kenyon (see her website)

    St. Martin's Paperbacks, February 2002

    Demigod Julian of Macedon has been cursed, tormented in a halfway life that makes him a love slave for one woman after another, each for a month. When her friend talks her into summoning a lover, Grace Alexander finally goes along--but the last thing she needs is a man who will love her and abandon her--as did the man who took her virginity years before. Things would be simple if only she didn't find Julian so attractive--and so noble.

    Julian can't understand a woman who feeds him, talks to him, lets him out of her bedroom, and won't even have sex with him. But not having sex is simply not an option. As the month they have together goes by, he'll grow more and more insane. But his brother Eros/Cupid tells him that the curse can only be broken if he waits--and he cannot wait.

    Even if she can free him from his curse, Grace knows that she can never have Julian for her own. However things turn out for him, for her, the only possible outcome is loss and loneliness.

    Author Sherrilyn Kenyon writes a sexy and compelling paranormal story. Julian is an attractive tortured hero (although a bit anachronistic as a pre-Christian whose favorite curse is a corruption of Jesus). Cupid's appearance as a biker is charming.

    FANTASY LOVER takes the fantasy of a male love slave and gives it an emotional depth. It's a great read.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/07/03

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