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    Review of TO THE DOCTOR: A DAUGHTER by Marion Lennox (see her website)

    Harlequin Medical Romance #111, June 2003

    Dr. Gemma Campbell is overwhelmed. Her sister's recent death has left her saddled with two children. She has raised Cady for several years now, but with Alan's demands, her sister's debts, and her frantic job as an anaesthetist, she can't hope to give Mia the type of love that the beautiful baby girl deserves. The obvious solution--her sister hadn't made the baby alone and it's time for the father to help out. Gemma will simply drop off Mia and head back to her miserable life in Sidney, Australia.

    Dr. Nate Ethan loves being a country doctor. He knows his patients, dates the prettiest girls in town, and manages to avoid most of the stress of big-city hospitals. When Gemma walks into his life, he's certain it is a mistake. He'd used protection the one time he'd made love to Fionna. But Gemma is insistent, the legal papers are in order, and Gemma is insistent that DNA tests will confirm what he fears--Fionna intentionally sabotaged the protection.

    Nate recognizes the pain he sees in Gemma's eyes. When Cady becomes badly sick, he decides to persuade her to stay. She can help with her niece and the hospital needs another doctor--especially one as skilled and qualified as Genna. Besides, the longer he spends with Genna, the more Nate starts thinking that maybe there is something beyond tall slender and mindless women--like a woman that can be a partner rather than a toy.

    Author Marion Lennox develops the increasing affection between Nate and Gemma with a highly professional touch while, at the same time, keeping the reader in doubt about Gemma's terrible secret and danger. I was hooked, rooting for the characters and hoping that they would be clever enough to find a way out of the final disaster.

    TO THE DOCTOR: A DAUGHTER is one of those rare category novels that transcend the genre at the same time as they help define it. Well done indeed.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/22/03

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