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    Review of DIE IN PLAIN SIGHT by Elizabeth Lowell (see her website)

    William Morrow, HarperCollins, 2003

    When painter Lacey Quinn takes some of her grandfather's paintings to famous artist Susa, she hopes to hear that the old man's work had merit. Instead she finds that her grandfather was a forger. Forgeries or not, though, someone wants those painting--especially the paintings showing violent deaths. When handsome bodyguard/art appraiser Ian Lapstrake shows up--chemistry flares between himself and Lacey. He knows that she is hiding a secret--but what he doesn't know is that that secret is about to put both of them into serious trouble.

    With incredible luck, Lacey, Ian, and Susa end up painting at the same exact spot where a fatal car accident once took place--and it turns out that the 'accident' was the subject of one of grandfather's paintings--except that in the painting, it was murder. And someone is willing to do anything to get their hands on that murder painting, even if it means murdering again.

    Author Elizabeth Lowell (see more reviews of novels by Lowell) blends sex with intrigue to keep the reader turning pages. An excessive reliance on coincidence, the hackneyed rich family who runs the local police department plot, protagonists who won't guess what the reader will guess by page twenty, and a fundamentally implausible story line weaken the novel, however. As long as Lacey and Ian are in bed--or in painting table or anywhere else making love--the story flies. When it comes to mystery, there isn't much there.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 7/02/03

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