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    Review of DANIEL'S DESIRE by Sherryl Woods (see her website)


    Silhouette Special Edition #1555, August 2003

    Years before, Daniel Devaney had broken Molly Creighton's heart when he told her that he wouldn't be their baby's father. She has blamed him for her miscarriage ever since. But when a teen runaway comes into Molly's life, there is no way she can keep her ex-boyfriend out. He is responsible for the case and intends to bring the teen home unless he can find evidence of abuse.

    Author Sherryl Woods milks emotional intensity from the lost relationship between Daniel and Molly, Kendra's teen angst, and especially the mystery of Daniel's parents who abandoned Daniel's older brothers as children.

    DANIEL'S DESIRE shouldn't work. The core conflict between Molly and Daniel is too easily resolved, Kendra's problem is created only by both Kendra and her parents refusing to talk about something that should not have been a secret, and the explanation of the Delaney abandonment was, to me at least, worse than no explanation at all. Still, Woods manages to make the story hang together and keep the reader cheering for Molly and all of the Delaneys to get their acts together.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 8/07/03

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