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    Review of THE CRUSH by Sandra Brown

    Warner Books, October 2002

    Wick Threadgill lost his brother, his job, and his sense of self-worth thanks to a brutal killer--a killer that Dr. Rennie Newton just let off of a sure murder conviction when she took charge of the jury and voted for acquittal. Now, killer Ricky Lozada has a crush on Rennie and intends to add her to his list of possessions. Rennie has run from romance, from men, and from life for twenty years, ever since her teenage wildness caught up with her in a huge way. But nothing in her life has prepared her for this. The police suspect her of complicity in the murder of a rival doctor, Lozada is stalking her, and Wick is lying to her, playing with her mind, and generally making her wonder about everything she has always believed.

    Author Sandra Brown (see more reviews of romances by Brown) has created a powerfully evil character in Lozada--a worthy rival for Wick and Rennie. To this, she adds the painful history that neither Wick nor Rennie has ever been able to escape. It all adds up to a first class adventure and a sizzling romance.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/16/03

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