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    Review of COWBOY ENCHANTMENT by Pamela Browning (see her website)


    Harlequin American Romance #982, August 2003

    When her sister insists that Erica Strong take a makeover vacation, Erica reluctantly takes the time from her job as an investment banker--she's always had a fantasy about a cowboy lover and a makeover ranch sounds like the perfect time to fulfil that fantasy. Handsome cowboy Hank seems to fit the bill, even though he comes with a baby and Erica has never been a baby kind of person. In fact, Erica has never been the pretty kind either.

    Hank doesn't find Erica simply pretty, he's blow away by the woman. And Hank had been pretty resistant to women. Of course, what Erica doesn't know is that Hank has a secret--a secret that means that her simple fantasy may backfire--or turn into a lot more than a fling.

    Author Pamela Browing (see more reviews of novels by Pamela Browning) takes the familiar hooks of mistaken identity and matchmaking and makes them fresh and new. The matchmaking ghost-priest is a cute touch, accompanied as he is by a talking cat who can use his voice but doesn't always say what the priest wants him to. Erica and Hank are both sympathetic and interesting characters trying to make their way through a life that has, so far, fallen far short of their fantasies. The matching fantasies is also a cute touch.

    Four Stars

    See author Pamela Browning's comments on our review

    Reviewed 8/07/03

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