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    Review of BLUSHING PINK by Jill Winters (see her website)

    Onyx, June 2003

    Reese Brock is frustrated with graduate school, clueless on ideas for her dissertation, sexually deprived, and overworked by her lead Professor. When she comes home for Christmas break, she finds her family in disarray as they arrange for her sister's marriage. The only bright spot is Brian Doren--a man she spent a passionate New Years eve with a couple of years earlier who then promptly dropped out of sight. He's to be the best man at the wedding and Reese's hormones rev into overdrive every time she sees him. Things might go somewhere there--if Reese can keep from insulting him to his face, keep her nipples from poking through her sweater, and figure out what to do with the almost-a-boyfriend who suddenly seems to want to be a part of her life. Unfortunately for Reese, keeping her mouth (or her nipples) under control is always a challenge.

    Author Jill Winters adopts a young and fast-paced style to tell a sexy and funny story. Reese and her whole family are disfunctional and barely coping. Her mother is obsessed with the upcoming wedding, and her older sister (not the one getting married) is depressed after her husband's heart attack. The disfunctionality makes for amusing reading most of the time, and made me cringe in painful recognition the rest of the time. The sex is hot but not offensive, and the sexual attraction between Reese and Brian sizzles. Kenneth, the almost-a-boyfriend adds an amusing subplot to the story as does the hapless Professor Kimble.

    Both Reese and Brian have things that make them loveable to the reader and, potentially, to each other. Reese is an aspiring author and Brian is taking care of his pregnant sister. I would have liked to see these loveable characteristics play into the attraction the two feel for one another. Instead, it seems to come down to Reese's curvy figure and Brian's not being Kenneth. A little more sense of deeping attraction could have helped deepen my appreciation for this novel. That said, BLUSHING PINK is a fast-paced and fully enjoyable novel. If you like hip, sassy, chick-lit-styled romance (and who doesn't) you'll enjoy BLUSHING PINK

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 6/04/03

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