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    Review of THE BLIND-DATE PROPOSAL by Jessica Hart


    Harlequin Romance #3761, August 2003

    Temping secretary Kate Savage has told her friends about her horrible boss so, when they set her up for a blind date with a widower with stories about a terrible secretary, the friends think they have a magical match. The two will be able to exchange war stories, relax, and get to know each other. Except the war stories are about each other. And there's no way Kate is going to get interested in Fin McBride--even if he is a hunky sort.

    After a miserable date, Kate wonders if she'll be fired. Finn tells her it would be too much trouble to hire another temp, but he seems to keep a close eye on her. When Kate rescues an abandoned dog and brings it into the office, it's almost the limit for Finn. The office is no place for animals. His daughter, visiting the office because his housekeeper had a medical emergency, doen't agree and what nine-year-old Alex wants, she tends to get. First she wants the dog--and then she wants a mom. Kate tries to persuade herself, and Finn, that she's a party-girl, completely not ready to settle down with a man. Since Finn only talks about practical things and has never recovered from his late wife's death, that doesn't seem to be a problem--except when Kate falls in love--hard.

    Author Jessica Hart writes in a breezy urban style. American readers will delight in the little Britishisms that litter her style. Everyone will laugh with Kate at her dating disaster, and it would take a hard heart indeed not to feel sympathetic for Kate's problems. Kate makes a wonderful heroine, sassy and unwilling to back down from a fight, but always willing to help out the underdog. Finn's daughter Alex was a delight, avoiding the saccarine sweetness that marrs some romances. Finn is the perfect befuddled male, sexy and kind but clueless.

    THE BLIND-DATE PROPOSAL is a funny and enjoyable read. I couldn't put it down.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/19/03

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