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    Review of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by Shannon McKenna

    Brava: Kensington Publishing, September 2002

    Seth Mackey has never thought of himself as a voyer--just a security expert who needs revenge for the brother he recently lost. But since Raine Cameron moved into one of target Victor Lazar's homes, Seth has been obsessed. When he's hired to manage security for Lazar, Lazar throws Raine at him as a bonus--a bonus that Seth knows exactly what to do with. The only problem is, he speaks better with his body than with his mouth and knows that he'll get in trouble soon. Especially when she finds out his secrets. Especially when he finds out her secret.

    Raine Cameron is haunted by psychic dreams of her father's death--and of her uncle, Victor Lazar's role in it. She's determined to discover the truth and has taken a job with her uncle using an assumed name. What she doesn't know is that she's playing with the big boys now. What she does know is that Seth Mackey turns her on more than any man she's never seen.

    Author Shannon McKenna writes a sexy action-thriller of a romance. Raine and Seth burn together--and also share horribly damaged upbringings--a history that will make them eternal enemies--or lovers. Still, they keep too many secrets and Seth, at least, has forgotten how to trust. When Lazar begins to open to Raine, she feels herself torn between loyalties to family and to her man.

    BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is filled with sex, but it is also an emotionally satisfying story of two damaged characters who can only find fulfillment in one another, yet whose very damage may prevent them from taking the steps they need. With plenty of action (both sexual and adventure), DOORS is a winner.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/22/03

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