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    RENEGADE HEART by Gayle Wilson (see her website)

    Harlequin Intrigue #578 August, 2000

    Two years ago, ex-CIA agent Drew Evans was framed for murder. Now, thanks to a prison bus accident, he is free. But the man who lied to send him to jail is dead--and his wife knows nothing about the testimony. Maggie Cannon lives with her daughter in the Kentucky mountains. Her late husband lied for the money to save their sick daughter. Can she throw away his sacrifice, even to save the man whose life those lies ruined. Even if she does, she'll be putting herself, Drew, and her daughter in danger.

    Drew and Maggie find it difficult to resist the temptation the draws them together, but both know that they have no future. Drew is a renegade from justice. The two join forces to search for the truth, even though they know that it cannot save them. Meanwhile, the men who paid for Maggie's husband's lies, the men who framed Drew and killed his supposed victims, are growing suspicious.

    RENEGADE HEART blends suspense and romance in a compelling melange. Both Drew and Maggie have too much honor to do the obvious thing--run away from the Kentucky mountain and start a new life and family. Yet their honor is exactly what dooms them. Gayle Wilson (see more reviews of novels by Wilson) writes compelling action scenes--the reader can almost feel the strength of a kick, the impact of a bullet.

    Three Stars

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