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    PURE TEMPTATION by Vicki Lewis Thompson

    Harlequin Temptation Blaze #744 August 1999

    Tess Blakely has an embarrassing problem--she's 26 years old and she's still a virgin, due to four older and very protective brothers. But she's just landed a job as a counselor to some inner-city kids, and she's afraid she'll lose credibility with them if they find out she has no experience. So her summer project is to lose her virginity.

    Enter "Mac" MacDougal, her best friend since childhood. He can help her find the right guy for the job and keep the whole thing hush-hush. But Mac soon discovers he can't abide the thought of any other guy sleeping with Tess, so he takes on the job himself, with hilarious and very sexy results.

    This is a delightful read, and not for the faint of heart. The sex is very explicit, and there's a lot of it. But it never feels gratuitous, and the humor is funny and touching. If you like a hot read with endearing characters and a good story, you'll enjoy PURE TEMPTATION. See all reviews of novels by this author.

    Three Stars

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