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    Reader comments on PRIVATE LIES by Amy Eastlake, 2000 (Second Edition, 2006)

    Private Lies cover This page consists of reader comments on the book PRIVATE LIES by Amy Eastlake. Please also see the review of PRIVATE LIES.

    Last night I downloaded PRIVATE LIES by Amy Eastlake. Wow! Am having a blast reading it! What a robust, fun, breezy, smart, timely, hip, likeable novel! I love Heather Webb, the heroine, her great relationship with her activist parents, I sigh over the charming hero, wish I could date him ... yup, briefly said: Congratulations! I was feeling a bit down, needed an entertaining yet thought-provoking read, and PRIVATE LIES is just what the proverbial doctor ordered :-)

    "You have a very smooth style, your characters are all red-blooded, i loved her relationship with her parents, their idealist activist background, and as always, the chemistry between your hero and heroine is real and man, crackles! If you just substitute' flash cards' for high density diskettes, this novel is as fresh as if it were written in 2007 :-)

    I got ravenously hungry when he bought her a Napoleon and eclair, and munched on apple fritters. Had none of these at home, of course, so Michael brought me a chocolate chip protein bar --- no, doesn't still your crave for a good eclair and fritters!
    Vita (AKA Kristina O'Donnelly)

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