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    Review of PRIVATE LIES by Amy Eastlake, 2000 (Second Edition, 2006)

    Private Lies cover Making it a as a private investigator isn't easy--especially when your parents have been on the run since they were involved in the Weather Underground during the 1960s. But Heather Webb thinks she finally has her life under control--until Jack Eastland walks into her office with a proposition she really doesn't want to accept.

    CIA Agent Jack Eastland has tracked down clues to a major terrorist incident and the signs point straight toward pretty P.I. Heather Webb. She's definitely keeping secrets and she has the computer skills to unravel his agency-supplied cover in record time. But Jack didn't become a top agent by taking things for granted and his instincts tell him that Heather isn't at the bottom of the problem. Flipping her, using her to help him track down the threat to the U.S. becomes his goal.

    When Heather's parents vanish, Jack sees an opportunity for leverage--but it doesn't take long before the threat is coming back at him and both Jack and Heather are running for their lives. Only gradually does the real danger come into view--a cyber-terror attack that could send the country into a depression that would make the 1930s look good. All of Heather's computer skills and Jack's CIA training will be put to the test because the terrorists know that only those two stand between them and success. Even as they are forced to work together, however, Heather has to keep her deepest secret back--because if Jack learns the truth about her parents, they'll be sent to prison forever. favorite author Amy Eastlake (see more reviews of novels by Eastlake) writes a highly current and exciting adventure romance. Jack and Heather have plenty of reasons to distrust one another, but the attraction overwhelms their reason. With fearsome terrorists, treason in the highest circles, and plenty of action, PRIVATE LIES is a sexy and fun thriller.

    PRIVATE LIES is available complete and for FREE from as a way of exposing readers to Amy Eastlake's work (Formats includ HTML, Adobe PDF, eReader, Mobipocket/Kindle, ePub, Sony LRF, and Zipped Microsoft Reader). If you enjoy this, Amy hopes that you'll try her other books--available at great prices each from

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/25/04

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