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    PRINCE CHARMING by Gaelen Foley

    Ivy Books, Ballantine, February 2000

    Daniela Chiaramonte (Dani) rides by night as the masked rider robbing from the rich, helping the poor, and keeping her taxes paid. She's loved by her associates and by the people of Ascencion (a fictional kingdom in the Mediterranean Sea), unlike Rafe (Rafael), the crown prince who is a famous rake. Still, when she stops an unmarked carriage and discovers Prince Rafael is her victim, she knows she's gone too far.

    Rafe has waited for years to contribute something to Ascencion but his father seems as healthy as ever. So Rafe has amused himself with women, wine, and wild friends. While hunting for the thiefs who robbed his coach, he meets beautiful Dani and decides to add her to his list of conquests. When his father announces that Rafe is to become Regent, but must pick a wife from his selected list, Rafe's world changes. Dani isn't on the list, but she's the only woman Rafe is thinking about.

    All is not well in Ascension. Someone is plotting to overthrow the crown prince. Someone may even be poisoning the King. Rafe needs to rally the people's support behind him. When he discovers that Dani is the mysterious masked rider, a marriage of convenience seems made to order. Until the two fall in love, and Dani learns that Rafe may lose everything if he consumates their marriage.

    PRINCE CHARMING is an exciting adventure romp. Set in regency times, Gaelen Foley tries to make the regency work right with a love match that just might transform the Prince. A truly evil villain adds danger to the story. Both Dani and Rafe must rescue one another. Each must overcome their deepest fears if they are to make the marriage survive, yet doing so is doubly difficult when enemies are trying to kill them and even Rafe's family can't be trusted.

    Three Stars

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