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    THE PRICE OF HONOR by Janis Reams Hudson

    Silhouette Special Edition #1332, June 2000

    Five years after he left town with his new-born son, Grady Lewis is back. Back in Wyoming where he'd left his childhood sweetheart Rachel Wilder. Rachel had wanted, planned, needed to be the mother of Grady's children--until he'd proven he couldn't wait. Now she wants nothing to do with him. Unfortunately for her plans, the terms of Grady's father's will ensure that the two of them will be business partners--and maybe more.

    Janis Reams Hudson writes an emotional and compelling story about two people fated to be with one another, but unable to overcome the pride that holds them apart. Rachel cannot forgive Grady's unfaithfulness. At the same time, Grady resents Rachel's refusal to even hear his story. Only when each of the two is able to overcome their pride will they stand a chance at achieving the relationship each needs.

    Stick with the story past the first few introspection-laden chapters for a strong story of two people who come to terms with their lost hopes and the greater promise of the future.

    Three Stars

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